Make Purple The Theme of Your Thanksgiving Table

Fall colors are everywhere – orange pumpkin pies, browned turkeys, and red apples abound. Add a new color – and purpose – to your Thanksgiving table with these tempting purple-hued recipes.

While we like to think they stand for democracy, they also will stand as thought starters for what we are thankful for. You know, things like freedom of expression, freedom to change the conversation from what divides us to what brings us together, and freedom to agree and to disagree. In short, why we love democracy.

Over these delicious purple plates, ask your friends and family what democracy means to them. If they are recent (or not so recent) immigrants, why did they come to the US? If they’ve been here a long time, ask them about the Nixon and McCarthy eras. As them about those times, not which side they were on. Get the convo rolling.

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