American Freedoms

Hello My Name Is America: A Fork in the Road

From the Purple Podcast Playlist: In a powerful conversation, Mark sheds light on the splendor of our complexity, highlighting that no American can be summed up as simply red or blue. He explains our desperate need to get outside our comfort zone and learn from people who are different than we are. 

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American Democracy: "Productive Conflict," Or A Dumpster Fire?

Hidden Brain is an NPR show hosted by Shankar Vedantam about the unexpected patterns in our world. This episode is relevant because the tone of American politics can be...nasty. It doesn't take a seasoned political analyst to see that. But is this nastiness really worse than in previous eras, and if so, what does that mean for our democracy?

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This 1954 Essay on Humanity Is More Relevant Now Than Ever

Our friends at Reader's Digest resurfaced a great essay from a very different time in our nation's history. Yet it is still a great and important read. Click to get to the link and read on.

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