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Primers on Democracy

Bites Media has put together this list of very accessible explanations that touch core and current issues. Bookmark these links for when you are reading the news and need some clarification on terms and legalese. Thanks Bites!

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How Bork's 1987 Nomination Muted Supreme Court Nomination Hearings (via Retro Report)

The contentious 1987 Senate confirmation hearings that led to the rejection of Robert H. Bork as a Supreme Court nominee fundamentally changed the nomination process. Since then, nominees to the Court have revealed almost nothing about their judicial philosophy, leaving open questions about their positions on issues that may come before the court.

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Bush v. Gore: How a Recount Dispute Affects Voting Today

The dramatic controversy surrounding the 2000 presidential election, one of the closest in U.S. history, led to sweeping voting reforms, but opened the door to a new set of problems that continue to affect elections today.

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The Birth of the U.S. Political Convention in 1831

In 1831, a radical third party came up with a new way to select a presidential candidate, one that is in use today: the national nominating convention. This video, released in 2016, has insights that continue to resonate.

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