A Harvard Professor Asks: How Do You Teach Patriotism to 9-Year-Olds?
Every morning, fifth graders in schools across the nation recite the pledge of allegiance. But what does it truly mean to salute the American flag?
This 1954 Essay on Humanity Is More Relevant Now Than Ever
Our friends at Reader's Digest resurfaced a great essay from a very different time in our nation's history. Yet it is still a great and important read. Click to get to the link and read on.
When Public Schools Were Considered Vital to Democracy
Americans used to think free public education was a cornerstone of a democratic republic. What happened? Read this essay about what made the link between school and civics so vital in the past.
When Brands and Politics Collide
For the second time this year, a study has come out showing how consumers perceive brands as political - whether that is justified or merely supposition. Read on to see how consumers are aligning brand preferences with political perspectives.
For Students in Coal Country, the Census Is a Hands-On Civics Lesson
For Students in Coal Country, the Census Is a Hands-On Civics Lesson Does the census count? That is what students in Kentucky are learning about in this great article about coal country. Not just why the census is important, but also the complications that extend beyond the citizenship question to other people who may be [...]
East German children taught to lie, then the system fell.
Many stories have come out about life in East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. This one in particular is an important read, as it talks about the systematic education of children in the East, and the impact of its rapid dismantling of structure in the East.